Gloucester Inauguration 2016 © Kim Smith 2016Gloucester welcomed in the new year with an exuberantly positive 2016 inauguration. City Hall was packed and the crowd was jubilant!Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Sefatia Rosaria ©Kim Smith 2016

A musical prelude was provided by the GHS Docksiders, followed by a moving rendition of “God Bless America” sung by Gordon Baird. The Presentation of Colors was given by the Gloucester High School ROTC. Mayor Sefatia’s grandchildren AJ, Bianca, and Emma, and niece Lia, led the Pledge of Allegiance and Alexandra Grace sang the national anthem. The Reverend Rona Tyndall and Father James Achadinha gave the invocation. Guest speaker Peter Anastas presented an inspiring speech. A glitch in the ceremonies arose when it was discovered there wasn’t a Bible in the house. Instead, a Bible app was used in its place!

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 -2 © Kim Smith 2016Joe Ciolino, newly elected City Council President and Steve LeBlanc, newly elected City Council Vice President

Mayor Sefatia, the City Council, and School Committee took their oaths of office followed by a heartfelt speech given by the Mayor. Very special presentations by the Mayor were given to Daniel Ruberti and Amy-Elizabeth Geraghty.

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Sefatia Ruberti © Kim Smith 2016Daniel Ruberti and Mayor Sefatia

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Amy Elizabeth Geraghty © Kim Smith 2016Amy-Elizabeth Geraghty and Mayor Sefatia

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Gloucester Cousins Steve, Grace, Aaron ©Kim Smith 2016Cousins Steve, Grace, and Aaron 

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Steven Melanie Le Blacn  © Kim Smith 2016JPGSteven, Melanie and City Councilman Steven Le Blanc

Very best wishes to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Thekan, the new City Council, and School Committee!

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Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Numerosi Family ©Kim Smith 2016Numerosi Family

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Sam Orlando and Frank ©Kim Smith 2015Christopher Sicuranza and Sam Orlando

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Faye Pupolo Family © Kim Smith 2016Pupolo Family

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Sefatia Rosaria Ann Margaret Ferrante Francis ©Kim Smith 2016Francis Ferrante and Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Ciolino Destino © Kim Smith 2016JPGJoe Ciolino and Jim Destino

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Grace and Lisa © Kim Smith 2016Grace Numerosi and Lisa 

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Pat and Richie Geraghty © Kim Smith 2016Amy-Elizabeth’s Proud Grandparents Pat and Richie Geraghty

Gloucester Inauguration 2016 Rosaria © Kim Smith 2016Gloucester 2016 inauguration ©Kim Smith 2016


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