Thank You Crocetta and Friends ~ Viva San Giuseppe!

Thank you Crocetta and friends for permitting filming during your beautiful feast day.  It has been the most joyful experience getting to know you and sharing in this very special tradition.

I think I speak for many in expressing a most heartfelt thanks to Nina for welcoming us all to the Feast of Saint Joseph. Nina’s loving kindness and generous spirit shone forth throughout. Everyone is most sincerely welcome to the Groppo Feast of San Giuseppe, and it is a welcome that is deeply felt.

After weeks of preparations performed by a troupe of friends and family, the guests began to arrive at the Groppo home at 11:30. The tables were set, traditional Sicilian salads and desserts arrayed, the Saint Joseph sauce simmering, the pasta cooking, and the many vats of oil needed to fry the tremendous quantities of fresh fish and vegetables were manned by an army of captains. We were ready!  Lunch time drew a great crowd taking a break from work, office workers eating alongside dock workers, then followed by a steady stream of diners coming after school hours.

At 5:00 a beautiful prayer service was held where at the end everyone stood shoulder to shoulder, holding hands, singing, and praying.  The loving spirit of Saint Joseph, and the love and kindness of family and friends sharing a tradition together, was felt by all.

And then more hungry guests began to arrive, and arrive they did, all through the evening!

And just in case you weren’t throughly filled to the brim, departing guests were sent home with armfuls of food– Saint Joseph sauce,  homemade desserts, and in Gloucester’s tradition of celebrating the Feast of San Giuseppe, a bag containing bread, lemon, and an orange. The lemon symbolizes life’s bitter past;  the orange, the sweetness in life; and the bread so you will never go hungry.

Words cannot accurately express my gratitude and appreciation to everyone that has participated in the filming of Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph community film project. My sincerest hope is that the film will hold stories and moments for all to treasure.

I promise everyone I won’t include any embarrassing scenes where your mouth is full of food!


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