A Beautiful Saint Peter’s Fiesta Sunday ~ Part One

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Saint Peter' Fiesta Mass ©Kim Smith 2014

Every seat for the outdoor Mass at Gloucester’s Saint Peter’s Square was filled by 10am, with worshippers spilling out under the trees and a standing room only crowd along Roger’s Street. Blue skies and wispy white clouds above made for an exquisite June morning, while the aromas of suntan lotion, popcorn, and the salty sea filled the air. The crowd was jubilant with everyone dressed in bright pretty colors and fiesta whites and especially sweet were the little girls in their summer frocks and sandals. Friends greeted friends and families prayed together, accompanied by cheers of Viva San Pedro. Bishop Arthur Kennedy gave the Mass, relating Saint Peter to the work of fishermen today, and was assisted by Father Jim of Our Lady of Good Voyage and Holy Family parishes.

Saint Peter' Fiesta  Groppo Family ©Kim Smith 2014.-8Groppo Family

Saint Peter' Fiesta Jope Novello AnnMargaret Ferrante  ©Kim Smith 2014.

State Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante and Joe Novello

Saint Peter' Fiesta  Frank and Nina Groppo©Kim Smith 2014-10

Frank and Nina Groppo

Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014-9

Saint Peter' Fiesta Ann margaret Ferrante Melissa Cox  ©Kim Smith 2014.

Melissa Cox and Ann Margaret Ferrante

Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014 -5

Following the Mass, Saint Peter was lifted down from the stage and the stunning and lovingly made floats and marching bands lined up behind the statue for the procession through town. Saint Peter was hoisted upon the shoulders of eight bearers and the parade began, following the long established route up Washington Street to stop in front of Our Mother of Grace Club, then onto Our Lady of Good Voyage, before making its way back to the Saint Peter’s Club, where the statue was then carefully returned to the stage.

Saint Peter' Fiesta Saint Peter statue  ©Kim Smith 2014.

Meanwhile, over at the Giambanco Family home, preparations were well underway for their annual Sunday Saint Peter’s Fiesta celebration. Friends and family flowed through the welcoming doors of the childhood home of sisters Rosaria, Sefatia, Marianne, and Grace.

Saint Peter' Fiesta  Rosaria Floyd Sefatia Romeo Thekan ©Kim Smith 2014.

Rosaria and Sefatia

Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014 Lia and April

Lia and April

Saint Peter' Fiesta Brandon Marianne Paquette  ©Kim Smith 2014.

Brandon and Marianne Paquette

Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 201412

Sefatia and Matt Thekan Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014.

Sefatia and Matt

Anticipation for the arrival of the hilariously costumed Greasy Pole Walkers was palpable.

Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014. -15

Saint Peter' Fiesta Grace Anthony Saputo  ©Kim Smith 2014.Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014. Greasy pole WalkersSaint Peter' Fiesta Sefatia Gresy pole Walkers  ©Kim Smith 2014.

Sefatia Leads the Cheer

After the rally at the Giambanco home, the Walkers next stopped at the Gloucester House. Upon arriving there, shouts of LENNY, LENNY, LENNY filled the restaurant as Mr. Linquata greeted the band of merrymakers.

Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014.-14

Frequent stops along the way were made before arriving at Saint Peter’s Club for the final rally prior to setting off on the rig that took the Walkers to the Greasy Pole platform.

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Saint Peter' Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2014 -4

Saint Peter' Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2014Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014 -6Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014-7

Saint Peter' Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2014-1

Saint Peter' Fiesta Brandon and Lia  ©Kim Smith 2014.x
Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014.-14Saint Peter' Fiesta  ©Kim Smith 2014 Hat DetailJPG


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