Each year in Gloucester the Sicilian-American community eagerly anticipates the Feast of San Giuseppe. As they do in Italian-American neighborhoods around the country, family and friends gather on March 19th to share “La Tavolata di San Giuseppe.”

The film Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph ~ A Community Film Project is a celebration of family traditions, and how and why the nine-day novena and the feast are celebrated in Gloucester. Through interviews and narration, you’ll meet members of Gloucester’s Italian-American community and experience Gloucester’s unique customs and special feast foods, prepared only during the nine days leading up to and during the Feast of San Giuseppe.

To bring this project to life, many families have granted interviews, given generously of their time, and opened their homes and hearts. My most heartfelt thanks goes to Nina and Frank Groppo and their community of Family and Friends for allowing filming to take place during their Saint Joseph preparations, Novena, and Saint Joseph Feast 2014. Not only for agreeing to allow filming during their cherished celebration, but for their loving kindness and warm and welcoming ways. My sincerest thanks to Felicia Ciaramitaro for her assistance at the project’s onset in organizing family interviews, and to Sefatia Romeo Thekan for her continued help and guidance.

Making Saint Joseph Altar Bread with Maria Cracchiolo and Nina and Domenic Damico from Caffe Sicilia

Groppo Family Feast of Saint Joseph © Kim Smith 2014Saint Joseph 2014

My thanks and gratitude goes to all who have contributed to make this a very special film. If you would like to participate in creating Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph ~ A Community Film Project, please contact the director, Kim Smith, at Much more is to come, with many wonderful surprises. Stay tuned for updates as filmmaking takes place during the Feast of San Giuseppe, 2014!

St. Joseph Trolley Party ©Kim Smith 2013Saint Joseph 2013

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